• Preparing of documents according to the customs requirements;
  • Preparation of documents for Customs: “Dovailira” customs agents can prepare customs documents for its clients:
    - Filling out The Single Administrative Document (SAD) for import, export and transit procedures;
    - Other customs procedures.
  • Preparation of reports of “Intrastat” and presentation for the customs office: No. DĮ-205, VILNIUS, October 31, 2008 preparation of reports of “Intrastat” and presentation to the customs office is required under the law of Director General of DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS TO THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA on determination of “Intrastat” thresholds from 2009.
  • Representing of contractual clients in the customs: we are doing all the customs-related procedures by representing our clients in customs. We are not only preparing the documents, but we are physically representing during the cargo inspection and communicating with customs officials.

    We are representing the client in the Territorial Customs or in the Customs Department on matters related to the client's declaration of goods on customer's request for an additional fee. Our customers can entrust all the things to the professionals in their field (Dovailira’s customs agents), not to waste their precious time and do their daily activities.

    One needs to sign the contract of customs mediation in order to become our client.
  • Consulting on customs matters (for contractual clients): “Dovailira” customers have the opportunity to seek the advice prior to the import/export of goods to/from the European Union.

    We provide the information about duties of imported goods, excise tax, we inform about important changes to the law and other important issues related to the imported client's goods.
  • Fiscal agent service is made for foreign companies which carry out the import and export procedures in Lithuania;
  • Control of customs procedures: term control of temporary import/export of goods from/to the third parties.

Tir Carnet formalization services. Tir Carnet booklet

  • TIR Carnet is booklet (the document) issued by TIR Association of which goods are being transported from the EU to the third countries. TIR Carnet is used for the transport of goods in the international routes.
  • TIR guarantees the international delivery of goods from the sender to the recipient.
  • TIR Carnet is issued only to the carriers who belong to TIR Carnet association.
  • Why one should choose Dovailira Ltd. for TIR Carnet formalization services:
    • Favorable strategic position near the Belarus border and the main international highways.
    • Flexible work schedule and experienced team in working with customs.

Filling in the CMR. CMR consignment note formalization

  • CMR - Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road.
  • CMR consignment note is the international document confirming contract of goods transport. CMR may be used for local transport, too.
  • CMR consignment note is the document of carrier responsibility to the sender and recipient, in which are marked all route segments.